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Modern Age RPG: Companion

Modern Age RPG: Companion

Make Modern Worlds. Ride the rails across the Old West. Face unspeakable terrors on the high seas. Uncover alien conspiracies and thwart ancient cabals. With the Modern AGE Companion, the possibilities for adventure are endless.

Inside, players will discover new backgrounds, professions, talents, and many other options for customizing characters and giving them the edge they need to survive whatever comes their way. Play an elf or alien. Master the sword. Game Masters can explore new rules and guidelines that let them build exactly the campaign they desire, shaping stunts, technology, and world-spanning organizations to fit their visions. Build your own stunts, explore different genres, experiment with extraordinary powers, and integrate advanced technologies. Chart the rise of a revolution, or the threat of an apocalypse. Modern AGE Companion shows you how.

Price: 27.99

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