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Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: Character Journal

Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: Character Journal

For hundreds of years, the Horrors forced the people of Barsaive to hide underground in their protective kaers. But now the Scourge is over. Heroes explore the world's ruins, fighting the last remnants of the Horrors, and defending the common folk as they rebuild their lives on the surface.

This resource will chronicle the growth of your character from their first steps as a novice to the ranks of a true master of their Discipline, an icon that inspires the next generation to carry on the fight. Drive back the darkness and forge your own legend. A world of forgotten secrets, hidden treasures, mysterious magic, and epic adventure awaits!

This 32 page booklet contains:

  • Expanded space for Talents, spells, thread items, animal companions, and many other aspects of your character.
  • A selection of the most commonly used reference charts and tables from the rules.
  • A record of achievements, rewards, allies, and enemies of your character and group.
  • Space to record your character's background, appearance, and other information.
  • Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: Gamemasters Guide

    Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: Gamemasters Guide

    An age of magic once existed in our world. Lost to history, this time is remembered in the echoes of myth and legend. Humans lived alongside the other Namegiver races?dwarf and elf, troll and ork, windling, t?skrang and obsidiman. The wild places of the world were home to griffins, shadowmants, and other fantastic beasts. The land was once besieged by the Horrors, foul creatures from the depths of astral space that sought to feed upon and destroy all that was living and good. Their time?the time of the Scourge?has passed, and the people have returned to the surface, reclaiming the lands that were once their home. Brave heroes band together to explore the land of Barsaive, fighting the Horrors that remain, and protecting their homes and families from those that would enslave them.

    The Gamemaster?s Guide provides rules and advice for running the Earthdawn game, and includes an exploration of the lands of Barsaive, as well as numerous fantastic creatures and magical treasures to challenge and reward your players!

    Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: GM Screen

    Earthdawn RPG 4th Edition: GM Screen

    Smooth out the sometimes treacherous path of gamemastering! Included in this packet is a four-panel cardstock screen that displays commonly used charts and tables for easy reference, and also provides a place to conceal adventure notes and dice rolls. For tables not included on the screen, a full index of charts and tables in both the Player's Guide and Gamemaster's Guide is provided, making it easy to find what you're looking for.

    Also included in the 32-page booklet are sixty pre-generated adepts! Based on the sample characters from the Earthdawn Player's Guide, you get four examples of each core Discipline, advanced to Circles 2, 4, 6, and 8. Talent selections, derived characteristics, and sample magic items are provided for each, making these characters a great way to provide short-notice allies or enemies for your game!

    In addition to the sample characters, the PDF version of this product provides a high-resolution image from the front of the screen, with the GM-side divided into four pages that you can print and use as you wish, constructing your own screen.