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Bullet Board Game (On Order)

Bullet Board Game (On Order)

In Bullet, players take on the role of heroines in a far-flung future Earth and use their incredible powers to defend the Earth from evil - as well as from one another! Each heroine's powers manifest in a different form, with players controlling sound, paper, technology, gravity, triangles, and more!

Turns are simultaneous. Place bullets in your sight, with the color of bullet determining the column and the number how far down in that column it is placed. Use actions to manipulate bullets to form configurations matching your patterns. Using a pattern removes bullets from your sight and sends them to the opponent. When placing bullets, you skip over existing bullets in the column you place it in, with the bullet hitting you if it is placed off your sight. At the end of the turn, you'll gain even more bullets from the center bag as well as what the opponent sent, ensuring each new turn is more hectic than the last! Choosing what order to place bullets, use actions, and use patterns in is key to staying alive as long as possible! Playing with the optional timer makes for even more intense play! Bullet includes eight heroines to play and four game modes: Battle Royale Mode: 2??4 players can duel in a free-for-all puzzle battle that plays in real-time! Boss Battle Mode: 1??4 players can combine forces to survive against a single boss; the game includes eight bosses, one corresponding to each heroine. Score Attack Mode: A lone player can play for a high score against increasingly difficult odds. Team Battle Mode: Two teams of two players battle it out! The last team standing wins.

Bullet Board Game: Deluxe Tokens (Pre-Order)

Bullet Board Game: Deluxe Tokens (Pre-Order)

With the Deluxe Bullets set, every game of Bullet you play has even more impact! Draw, move, and shoot harder than ever before!

Contains a full set of wooden bullets and AP, Shield, and Intensity markers for use with any Bullet base game! Also includes wooden markers for Senka's Crosshairs and the Mariel marker for those who want to update their v.1 normal edition of Bullet Heart.

You only need two sets of these bullets if you wish to play 5-8 player modes with the Deluxe Bullets. Otherwise, one set will cover both Heart and Star.

Bullet Board Game: Orange Expansion (On Order)

Bullet Board Game: Orange Expansion (On Order)

Bullet Orange is a new expansion for Bullet.

Bullet Orange brings 4 new heroines to the game, and represents the first tabletop appearance of famous characters from the Orange Juice franchise, with characters from top-rated Orange Juice titles Sora, Flying Red Barrel, SUGURI, and QP Shooting all making appearances in the new game.

Requires Bullet Heart or Bullet Star to play.

Bullet Star Board Game (On Order)

Bullet Star Board Game (On Order)

Assume the role of one of universes?s most powerful Heroines as you settle their disputes with each other through excessive firepower! Use your actions to form patterns, clear your board of bullets, and bombard the opponent! Deal with the curtain of bullets coming at you each round and be the last heroine standing to win!

  • Each Heroine wields a different power that changes how you experience the game! Control fireworks, zombies, the news, and more!
  • 4 game modes! Do a solo run in Score Attack, have a Free-For-All with 2-4 players, form 2 player Teams for battle, or fight each Heroine?s dangerous Boss Mode by yourself or cooperate with others!

    Combine Bullet Star with Bullet Heart to play up to 8 players!

  • Card Catcher Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Card Catcher Board Game (Pre-Order)

    Card Catcher is a fun, fast, family dexterity game from Level 99 Games. You can learn it in just a moment and can play quickly with both kids and adults. Only a little basic math and dexterity are required to play.

  • Use your arm as a crane to drop the coin!
  • Win the prize the coin lands on!
  • Collect the best combination of plushies and capsules to win!
  • Cool Animal Facts Card Game (Pre-Order)

    Cool Animal Facts Card Game (Pre-Order)

    Know your stuff or when to bluff!

    Can you name an animal that lives in cities, has paws, and has a tail? What if it had big ears (and was spikey)?

    Try to name more animals as the traits pile on, or play a new trait and test another player's knowledge! Just hope they can't name it before it gets back to you!