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Covalence Card Game

Covalence Card Game

Covalence is a chemistry themed, puzzle style, cooperative game where all players work together, attempting to build a number of secret organic molecules.

One player takes on the role of the "Knower," who may look at the Secret Molecules, while all other players are the "Builders." The Knower gives each Builder clues that relate to their specific Molecule, and the Builders interpret these Clues as they arrange and rearrange their Element Tiles, attempting to deduce the structure of their Secret Molecules before the allotted clues run out!

Four different levels of difficultly provides young and experience players with an enjoyable and challenging experience.


  • 25 Secret Molecule Cards
  • 21 Element Tiles
  • 27 Clue Cards
  • 21 Hydrogen Tiles
  • 8 Clue Tokens
  • 7 Guess Tokens
  • Ion Card Game: 2nd Edition

    Ion Card Game: 2nd Edition

    Each player is initially dealt eight cards. They choose one card and pass the remaining to the player on their left, while they receive the same amount of cards from the player on their right (this is commonly referred to as ?card drafting? or ?pick and pass?).

    Selected cards must be either (1) bonded to another ion or (2) set alone. Players only score points for neutrally balanced cards. So a positive charged Sodium (Na+) bonding with a negatively charge Chloride (Cl-), forming a neutral NaCl compound, would score points.

    Points are scored at the end of each round and player may gain additional points for building specific compounds listed on the goal cards for that round. After three rounds the player with the most points wins!