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Aquatica Board Game: Cold Waters Expansion

Aquatica Board Game: Cold Waters Expansion

The land of Aquatica has been prospering for centuries, but strong climate changes brought unexpected consequences. Cold waters suddenly rushed into the world of sea-kings, bringing new forms of life and new nations, ready to fight for resources.

The expansion Aquatica: Cold Waters consists of several modules. It includes all necessary components for the fifth player, which can be used with the basic game, but also brings a great alternative mechanic, replacing the goal-track.


  • Rulebook
  • Game board
  • Three-layered player board
  • 6 more first-hand character cards
  • 3 more Kings
  • 11 new Location cards
  • 12 new Ocean Character cards
  • 11 extra Mantas
  • 2 new Goal-tokens
  • 20 Land cards, bringing new machining into the game.

  • Onitama Board Game

    Onitama Board Game

    Onitama is a two player abstract strategy game where players take on the role of a Master, guiding their monk followers, attempting to defeat your opponent armed only with a handful of moves, your cunning and your wits!

    In Onitama, players will vie to capture their opponent's Master, or, traverse their Master across the board to their opponent's Master's starting position to win the game. To do this, you will be armed with a handful of special and ancient maneuvers, presented on beautiful Tarot size cards, which manipulate the field of battle to your advantage. Will you use the Dragon to overpower your opponent, the Horse to outmaneuver them, or the Cobra to strike quickly?

    Onitama Board Game: Way Of The Wind Expansion

    Onitama Board Game: Way Of The Wind Expansion

    Once again, rival schools have come to Onitama to see who has the dominant Art. But something is different this time: Their activity has attracted the attention of a wind spirit! This indomitable force will interfere with the students, but it may on occasion grant an unforeseen benefit as well! Ontiama: Way of the Wind is an expansion for Onitama, the elegant and simple game of martial arts. In this expansion, you will find the wind spirit, a neutral game piece that will create a new layer of interaction in the game.


  • 1 Wind Spirit miniature
  • 8 Wind Spirit cards
  • 2 new move cards