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City Of The Great Machine Board Game

City Of The Great Machine Board Game

Towards the end of the 19th century humanity's greatest minds united in an effort to found a perfect city. They utilized the most advanced technologies afforded by steam and mechanics. The result of their efforts exceeded any of their expectations! The City stood on massive flying platforms. It drifted over the world ? like a monument to victorious science!

The heart of the City was the Great Machine. It was an artificial intellect, created for the benefit of mankind. The Great Machine was the overseer of the City. In time the Great Machine formed a Plan to achieve its purpose. To perfect the City. To perfect Man himself. To make him standardized and reliable, like a gear in the mechanisms of the Great Machine.

The City had been called the City of Reason. Now they call it the City of the Great Machine.

Yet there have always been those who look deeper, into the heart of matters. A number of extraordinary men and women rise up against the regime of the Great Machine. Before it is too late.

This game features the conflict between the Great Machine and an alliance of Heroes.

One player takes the role of the Great Machine. That player commands a force of loyal Servants and perfected mechanical Guards. The Great Machine?s goal is to complete the Master Plan, that will bring happiness to mankind. At the same time it is necessary to deal with the growing disorder in the City.

The other players are called Revolutionaries. They work together against the Great Machine. Each Revolutionary controls a Hero. The goal of the Revolutionaries is to bring about a Revolution and overthrow the despotic regime of the Great Machine.

The Heroes seek support from the people and encourage discontent. At the same time they work to prevent the Great Machine from completing its horrific Plan.

The City is made up of several Districts, connected together. During the game the Heroes and the Servants of the Great Machine move around the Districts. Every District has unique Actions for the Heroes or Servants to take.

The Revolutionaries? main weapon is the people?s discontent ? the Great Machine relies on oppression. The Great Machine publishes Directives ? the Heroes find ways to cancel them. The Heroes convince where the Great Machine commands. The Heroes resource is Trust ? the Great Machine?s is Bonds.

Both sides of the conflict firmly believe that their course is the right one.

City Of The Great Machine Board Game: The Escalation Expansion

City Of The Great Machine Board Game: The Escalation Expansion

New Heroes with unique abilities join the side of Revolution, while the Great Machine enhances its Servants with powerful implants and sends its new secretly trained Servant into the field. The governmental Surveillance Zeppelin now cruises over the City, opening up new opportunities for both sides of the conflict.

The Escalation is not a standalone game. Core City of the Great Machine game is required for play.

The Escalation expansion consists of separate Modules. You may add any of them to your games in various combinations. Each Module combines perfectly with each other and the core game.

  • The Bring About a Revolution Module offers you 3 new Heroes to oppose the Great Machine. Unlike the Heroes from the core game, each of them has unique game components and follows special rules. The Inventor uses his ingenious Inventions to attain incredible possibilities, the Determinist manipulates the City with Theories, and the Smuggler hides in the lawless Smugglers Hideout to avoid the Servants and Guards and to strike where least expected.
  • The Servants of the Great Machine Module provides the Servants with powerful improvements aimed at increasing their effectiveness in hunting the Heroes down. The Servants install their new implants throughout the course of the game, and once the enhancements are applied, the Heroes will face difficult times.
  • Yet, the Heroes have something to oppose the heavily modified Servants. People in the City realize that building up the capabilities of the Servants hardly has anything to do with a peaceful course of life. Pockets of resistance start to appear in the City, the Master Plan advancement has been sabotaged at its initial steps, and more Citizens are willing to consider joining the course of Revolution after the first successful Riots!
  • The fourth Servant, Chronoleon. When added to the game, she takes place of any other Servant of your choice. While the other Servants are partially human, Chronoleon is a fully mechanized Intelligence Service agent and is able to change her body parts to perform her tasks best. This allows her to pretend ?one of their own? in any company and trick the Heroes into one trap after another.
  • The Pockets of Resistance Module is designed to be used in combination with the Servants of the Great Machine Module. However, it may be added to a game with any other Modules as well. As the Master Plan advances, pockets of resistance start to appear here and there in the Districts. Heroes can contact them and use their support when taking Actions in the Districts with Resistance tokens or exiting them.
  • The Surveillance Zeppelin cruises over the City throughout the game and allows the Heroes to perform unpredictable maneuvers that may surprise the Great Machine. However, the Great Machine knows that the Heroes may try to board the Zeppelin and is willing to send its Servants to meet them there with a well-timed Raid!

  • Evolution Board Game: New World

    Evolution Board Game: New World

    The diversity of living organisms inhabiting our planet is astonishing. According to the theory of evolution, random mutations occur all the time, granting new traits to animals and plants. These traits are then tested through natural selection. Animals with beneficial traits propagate more successfully than others, expand their habitat areas, and effectively protect themselves against predators and unfavorable conditions. Such species dominate the ecosystem, while poorly adapted animals become extinct.

    Evolution. New World is an updated and extended version of the basic Evolution. The Origin of Species game. It includes both well-known animal traits and new ones, complete with refined descriptions and colorful illustrations. Food is now generated using Area cards, and animals can use shelter to hide from predators.

    Evolution Board Game: New World Butterfly Effect Expansion

    Evolution Board Game: New World Butterfly Effect Expansion

    Every ecosystem is a complex combination of living organisms and the environment. Even a small change in any element affects the entire system, but balance is usually restored quickly. However, sometimes a random event leads to the butterfly effect - an unpredictable cascade of changes that can completely transform the whole biosphere.

    The Butterfly Effect expansion gives you a new and unique way to play Evolution: New World. In the box, you'll find: 13 new traits and the Seashore Area. Add more gameplay depth and create dynamic survival strategies for your animals. The Solo mode. In the Alien World scenario you will fight 1 on 1 against the merciless Dominator and insatiable Devastator for supremacy or create your own monsters to compete with. Additional tokens. With the expansion, up to 6 players can enjoy Evolution together. Butterfly Effect scenario. Start a chain reaction of random events that affect the game's course and change the evolutionary process.