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Assembly Card Game: Glitches Expansion

Assembly Card Game: Glitches Expansion

The computer is evolving and learning new ways to stop you escaping. The Glitches expansion contains:

  • 10 Glitch cards, increasing game difficulty.
  • 4 new Malfunction sets, mixing up gameplay.
  • 2 new role cards, increasing variation.
  • Assembly Card Game: Re-Sequence And Override Expansion

    Assembly Card Game: Re-Sequence And Override Expansion

    Assembly: Re-Sequence & Override is a double expansion for Assembly, an award winning* short, light and addictive cooperative puzzle game for 1-4 players (requires 2 copies of base game for 3-4 players).

    Both Re-Sequence and Override add new challenges to the game as the computer is evolving and learning new ways to prevent you from escaping to stop you accidentally infecting Earth with a deadly virus. Re-Sequence forces you to lock the bays in order, but at leat you can choose the first one to lock. Override brings in the double-sided printed Robomeeples into play which create a secondary puzzle on top of the original one. Will you still be able to escape with your life now the computer has evolved?


  • 6 New/Additional Command cards, increasing the difficulty of the game
  • 5 New Malfunction sets, mixing up gameplay
  • 5 New Role cards, adding more variation
  • 1 Rules sheet
  • Sensor Ghosts Card Game

    Sensor Ghosts Card Game

    You have escaped the virus ridden space station and the clutches of the computer in Assembly, but now you must navigate you ship through an asteroid field to safely reach Earth. However, the computer has hacked your sensors meaning not everything is as it seems. Sensor Ghosts is the thematic sequel to Assembly but a completely standalone game.

    Using your good judgement and careful planning, will you outwit the computer and traverse the asteroid field or will you die trying?

    Sensor Ghosts is an easy-to-learn, fast moving maze puzzle game with hidden information. Variable difficulty and variants will keep you coming back to Sensor Ghosts again and again.


  • 68 cards
  • 13 large wooden tokens plus stickers
  • 1 rules booklet