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Terra Mystica Board Game: Fire And Ice Expansion

Terra Mystica Board Game: Fire And Ice Expansion

New order will reign over the lands of Terra Mystica!

Fire and ice descend upon Terra Mystica. The traditional factions must brace themselves for their new competitors: Yetis ? the masters of power, Ice Maidens ? who adore their Temples, Acolytes ? whose entire life is focused on the cults, and Dragonlords ? whose use their power to create volcanoes. And as if this wasn?t enough, there are two more factions, namely Shapeshifters and Riverwalkers, who ignore the most basic of rules: one faction ? one terrain type. (Inconceivable to the Halflings!)

This, the new game board and game options will, once again, immerse you into the world of Terra Mystica!


  • 1 game board
  • 3 Faction boards
  • 2 sets of wooden playing pieces in white and orange
  • 30 Terrain tiles
  • and other high quality components
  • Terra Mystica Board Game: Merchants Of The Sea Expansion

    Terra Mystica Board Game: Merchants Of The Sea Expansion

    The factions of Terra Mystica have taken to the rivers to expand their territory and enjoy the benefits of commerce! Starting with only a Dock, develop your faction?s nautical strategy for extra rewards, income, and advantages. Build your Shipyard to unlock new special actions and set out for distant lands, where your Ships will allow you to transform terrain and build beyond your usual scope. Or will you send your Ships to trade with other factions? structures for mutual benefits? Trades can be lucrative, but be careful not to empower your opponents. The new Final Scoring tile included in Merchants of the Seas rewards the players who trade the most, but with over 30 tiles in total, there are countless ways to lead your faction to victory!

    The residents of Terra Mystica are as varied as the landscape, and some are not natural sailors. While the rest of the factions hoist their mainsails, the Fakirs and Dwarves build Markets on land, and employ Merchants to peddle their wares and extend their territorial claim. Like Ships, Merchants can initiate trades with other factions? structures, and the Fakirs and Dwarves can transform and build beyond their normal range by guiding their Merchants to outlying spaces of Terra Mystica. Merchants of the Seas includes a double-sided board with 2 new maps for factions to claim and develop, as well as revised Starting Victory points tables to ensure faction strength is balanced no matter the lay of the land. Return to Terra Mystica for a new age of trade and expansion in Merchants of the Seas!

    Contents: 1 Game Board, 4 Bonus Cards, 10 Double-Sided Shipyard Boards, 12 Scoring Tiles, 12 Favor Tiles, 105 Trade Makers, 9 Wooden Shipyards, 33 Wooden Ships and Merchants and more!

    Terra Mystica Board Game: Mini Expansion 1

    Terra Mystica Board Game: Mini Expansion 1

    Add more variety to your games of Terra Mystica than ever before! This mini expansion includes four new Town Tiles, a new Scoring Tile, and a new Bonus Card, creating new goals for you to strive for. Additionally, the mini expansion introduces Special Terrain tiles for each faction. These tiles make the factions even more unique, granting new bonuses and abilities once they are placed. Take your faction to the next level and leave your signature mark on the world of Terra Mystica!