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Exile Sun Board Game

Exile Sun Board Game

Far off and forgotten, orbiting the Exile star, a fragmented group of Colonial powers are struggling to exist in the harsh environment of their foreign home. Having been unexpectedly cut off from contact with Earth over two hundred year ago, the process of gaining some economic recovery has been slow and arduous. With dissention rising among the populace, these leaders must compete to gain military, economic and technological advantages over each other in a race to lead the united colonies in a mission to contact Earth. Time is short. While an outright planetary assault could express dominance in military power, perhaps luring out and destroying an opposing Flagship or Construction Shipyard can have the same effect using fewer resources. Or hit and run assaults with fleets of strike craft can be equally effective. But be warned, leaders dare not neglect their own colony resources, or their supporters will lose faith in them and they?ll fall quickly out of the race.

Exile Sun combines some of the most compelling strategic mechanics in a way that delivers a streamlined, integrated and fast paced game of competition and conflict. Simplified deck building, hand management, simultaneous hidden worker placement, a card draft, 6 unique player advantages, and a revolutionary zero-luck combat resolution system ensure that playing Exile Sun is like no other game. Private and public card based objectives give players options for points, but they must choose carefully when allocating their limited resources. The player with the most points accumulated at the end of three game cycles wins.


  • 7 Map Tiles
  • 6 Control Cards
  • 6 Frame Tiles
  • 20 Agenda Cards
  • 1 Bonus Mission Card
  • 30 Technology Cards
  • 10 Strike Craft Cards
  • 7 Pawns
  • 6 Colonies each having:
    • 1 Colony Card
    • 18 Ship Cards
    • 10 Colony Markers
    • 1 Shipyard Fleet Token/Miniature
    • 2 Heavy Fleet Tokens/Miniatures
    • 2 Medium Fleet Tokens/Miniatures
    • 2 Light Fleet Tokens/Miniatures
    • 3 Decoy Fleet Tokens/Miniatures