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Alien Frontiers Board Game: Faction Pack #1 1st Edition

Alien Frontiers Board Game: Faction Pack #1 1st Edition

The first Alien Frontiers Expansion Boosters that will expand the Alien Frontiers: Factions Expansion. Each booster will contain a new Faction board, a pair of new Alien Tech cards, and any extra components that might be needed. Faction Pack #1 contains:

  • Xeno Explorations, Inc. is the new Faction board -- Xeno has access to a remote exploration vehicle (REV) which they drive across Planet Maxwell, looking for territories to explore and exploit.
  • The REV is a custom plastic vehicle miniature -- it is used to show the territory currently being explored and exploited by Xeno Explorations, Inc.
  • Seismic Detonator is the new Alien Tech card -- a powerful alien weapon that can clear a territory of colonies, but are you mad enough to dare use it?
  • Price: 6.24 (Excluding VAT at 20.03%)

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