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Trickerion: Legends Of Illusion Board Game: Dahlgaard's Gifts Expansion

Trickerion: Legends Of Illusion Board Game: Dahlgaard's Gifts Expansion

Dahlgaard's Gifts is an expansion that adds 2 optional modules to Trickerion: Legends of Illusion Board Game, including variant rules for 2 player games, as well as a large Trickerion Stone component, extra Trickerion shards and 4 Magician Meeples.

The Magicians Powers Expansion allows Magicians to benefit from keeping Trickerion Shards instead of spending them. Each Magician has 4 slots on their player board that can be unlocked once a certain number of Trickerion Shards have been amassed. At the beginning of each turn a Magician with an empty unlocked slot can choose a Power that they meet the fame requirement for from a deck of cards, and place it in the empty slot. These powers grant the Magicians new actions or abilities they can utilise, but only while they have enough Trickerion Shards to power the slot.

The Duel of Magicians Variant adds a deck of cards that functions as an AI. Each turn, a new card is drawn which will determine what slots are available to players to place their workers on during the round, with the others being blocked out by Neutral players. The performance cards are also altered, with certain spaces on the cars being blocked out by neutral grey trick markers. These can be linked with as normal.

Finally, the expansion comes with 4 Magician Meeples in player colours that can replace players' turn order tokens or point tokens. It also comes with extra Trickerion Shards and the Trickerion Stone, a large version of the Trickerion Shards that replaces the turn marker.

This product is an expansion and requires the Trickerion: Legends of Illusion base game to be used.

Price: 15.83 (Excluding VAT at 19.96%)

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