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Hungry! Card Game

Hungry! Card Game

A cooperative game with focus on communication and attention. Great fun for the whole family!

Feed the animals and feed them fast.

Players are dealt a hand with food cards. Meat, grass, nuts, fish or something else...like cake.

A timer is set...

Animal cards are drawn and revealed on the table. Players must now quickly feed them. When all open animals are fed player get to draw ONE new card. New animals are revealed and so on until the timer sounds.

Players win if ALL animals in the deck are fed before the time runs out.

You can't see each others cards, you MUST talk about them. And communicate fast! Use the food at the right time so that you are able to feed all animals. A miss in communication may lead to animals being without food...and that's a lost game.

The game offers many different variations to game play.

Lets feed those animals!

Ski Tour: Biathlon Board Game

Ski Tour: Biathlon Board Game

The surrounding crowd roars as you enter the shooting range, just a few seconds behind the leading pack. Glancing forward you see the leader straighten his back and take aim. As the first shot flies, you register a hit on the target. Then another hit, then another. hit, hit?

And its a miss!

The chase is on, you got enough stamina to make a long sprint for the finish line, but will it be enough to grab the gold?

Welcome to Ski Tour: Biathlon

As a skier representing your nation, do you have the stamina and marksmanship to make it onto the podium? Wax your skies, roll your dice, strategize, hit those targets at the shooting range and be the first to cross that finish line in this heart pumping game of skill, stamina and marksmanship!

Tribes: Early Civilisation Board Game

Tribes: Early Civilisation Board Game

Guide your tribe in its struggles to survive and prosper! Tribes: Early Civilization is a game for 2-4 players experiencing the Paleolithic, Neolithic and Bronze ages in 40 minutes. Players start with a small tribe and the very basics of civilization. During the game, they invent new technologies, explore new land, fend off invaders, and survive catastrophes. The tribe that first emerges as a true civilization wins!

Tribes: Early Civilization is a thematic prequel to Nations, designed by one of the Nations designers. It is a fast 3X game with a twist as each player has their own separate area to explore, expand, and exploit while the rest of the game are highly interactive

There are three basic actions tied to your civilization levels: explore, move and grow. An actions column stores all the action tiles available to a player and determines the cost for a player to use it. It's also where historical events come into play and where the fourth civilization level ? strength ? is used to gain you bonuses and make bad things happen to your opponents.

Several interlocking systems ensure high replayability without adding overhead or upkeep.