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Game Submission

Spiral Galaxy Games are looking for more games to publish, this ranges from taking new games through the development and delivery process to co-publishing options.

Before you get too excited, please realise that we won't publish most of the games we look at, that our playtesting sessions are generally booked up weeks in advance and if we like your game it could still be many weeks before you hear back from us as we'll try to get as many people as possible to have a look.

What We Aren't Looking For

Let's start with what and who we aren't looking for, yes, a game is as much about the designer as it is about the game itself. We aren't looking for:

  • A concept for a game, it needs to be prototyped and playtested and we're used to some pretty rough prototypes so don't imagine it needs to look like a finished product.
  • Roll and Move games ie: monopoly like mechanics.
  • Trivial Pursuit style quiz games.
  • Games aimed squarely and only at Children.
  • Roleplaying games, we love them but this isn't our skill area and in the UK we'd refer you to one of the companies who do them well such as Chronicle City, Cubicle 7, Modiphius or Mongoose.
  • In depth Military games, we just aren't experienced enough in this style of game.
  • People who haven't come across BoardGameGeek prior to contacting us.
  • People who don't know some of the modern classic games, so if you haven't heard of or played any of Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, Bohnanza, Modern Art, 7 Wonders, Alien Frontiers for example.
  • People who don't read this!

  • What We Are Looking For

    So you've read through that section and you're thinking, none of that applies, I've got a game, I've had friends, family and members of the games club do some playtesting and it's been revised and tweaked following their feedback.

    Spiral Galaxy Games are looking for Board and Card Games aimed at the specialist game marker, we'll not discriminate for or against Euro / Ameritrash or even combinations of both, they can be short or long, simple or complex.

    The Submission Process

    After you've made contact the first thing we'd like to see is a precis of the game, some might call it a sell sheet, tell us what inspired your game, how long you've been working on it, what sort of playtesting has already been conducted.

    If that intrigues us then our next step is to ask you for a copy of the rules, they don't have to be typeset, we know they are unlikely to be final and you may or may not have the skills to present them perfectly.

    If after reading the rules we want to include it in our playtesting process we'll either ask you if you have a prototype you can send us or we'll ask for the files so that we can construct a copy ourselves though, given time constraints, we'd prefer the former and we can always send it back to you at a later date.

    Once we have the prototype then we'll feed it into our playtesting process and send you feedback once we've reached an appropriate point and things can progress from there.

    You can contact us by phone on 01952 587482 or by emailing us at Submissions. If you plan to meet up with us at an event, such as UK Games Expo, then please bear in mind we will be busy and may not have much time to spare and that if you give us something to review later that it may be lost in transit so make sure you have copies!!