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Star Trek Ascendancy Board Game: Ferengi Alliance Expansion

Star Trek Ascendancy Board Game: Ferengi Alliance Expansion

The Ferengi Alliance is the second of a series of player expansions for Star Trek: Ascendancy. A player expansion contains everything you need to add a new civilization and another player to your games. The Ferengi Expansion comes with a new player dashboard, plastic ship miniatures, homeworld and advancement deck, as well as new sectors and exploration cards.

As the leading business authority it?s your duty to seek out opportunity, exploit new customers and grow the bottom line until your economy dwarfs the so-called ?culture? of other civilizations. Beyond that, a flotilla of Marauders, commanded by profit-hungry DaiMons, stand ready to enforce your mergers and acquisitions across the quadrant.

Each player expansion can be added to the base game to increase the total player count by 1. previosu player expansions are not required to make use of this expansion, and multiple expansions can be combined with the base game at teh same time to add players or replace the 3 base factions.

Price: 20.83 (Excluding VAT at 19.97%)

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