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Siebzehn: Race Of All Races Board Game

Siebzehn: Race Of All Races Board Game

There is an ancient and mysterious tale that tells of a legendary competition called Siebzehn. It is said that the contest was celebrated in an enchanted land somewhere beyond the familiar. Nine of the earth's most prominent creatures of myth would assemble for the event. The races would compete against one another for dominance in what came to be known as The Race of All Races.

Control the fate of your team with this game of complex strategy yet simple rules. Choose the best course of action while neutralizing your opponents on your way to victory. Siebzehn: The Race of All Races is a game that balances strategy, teamwork and the luck of the dice. But beware of the siebzehn, the roll that can foil your plans and enhance your opponents' power.

Price: 24.99 (Excluding VAT at 20.01%)


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