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Refloristation Description

Refloristation Description

Compete with your friends or against the solo challenge and story modes to make the most money in your first three weeks of business as a Florist. You achieve this through clever hiring of staff members, canny gathering of stock which you can plant in your private nursery for later use or just use immedietly to fulfill customers orders.

ReFloristation includes two unique Solo Play modes, Challenge mode and Story Mode.

In Challenge mode you are presented with a pile of orders that need completing before time runs out. You can hire staff, plant in your nursery and everything else you can normally do in multiplayer, your only opponent however is that pile of overdue orders!

Story mode presents 12 set scenarios covering the first year of operations for your Florists. Each month a new set of challenges and obsticles occour as you follow the story of your growing business you'll find staff members get called away by lifes complications, supplies become scarce and local events call for very specific stocks which you probably wont have at hand. How will you deal with these events as you continue to run your business?