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Dragon Keepers Card Game

Dragon Keepers Card Game

Dragon Keepers is a game representing a battle between two powerful forces. The first is a group of evil hunters who want to destroy dragons for trophies and fame. The other group is the heroic dragon keepers who protect and train the dragons. Each player represents the chief of a specific tribe of dragon keepers who will defend the dragons from attacks by the evil hunters at all cost!

In Dragon Keepers, there are 2 different modes of gameplay. Both modes are played over several rounds until players have reached a game ending condition. The game modes are the following:

Keeper Mode

A light competitive game using "push your luck" mechanisms, which takes 10-15 minutes and plays from 3 to 6 players. This mode is a lighter version of the game intended for younger children. The goal for each player is to heroically defend 3 different dragons from the evil hunter.

Dragon Mode

A cooperative game which takes 30-40 minutes and plays from 2 to 4 players. This mode requires a bit more strategic thinking and is more suited for adults and older children. The goal for the players is to train a predetermined number of dragons and have them successfully attack the Hunter.


The Keepers have vowed to protect the dragons. In both game modes, players will choose a Keeper deck to play the game with. Keeper decks have a unique colored tribe symbol on the back of the card. The front of the card represents a Keeper from each different tribe. For example, the Red Keeper deck will have a Keeper from each color (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and White).

Each card in a player?s Keeper deck represents an individual dragon keeper which will protect one type of dragon from attacks made by the hunter. For example, a purple dragon keeper can only protect a purple dragon.


The dragons in the game are powerful untamed magical creatures that always start the game with the Friendly side of their Dragon tile face up. In the Keeper game, the dragons are younger and will never be flipped to their Trained side. In the Dragon game, the dragons are older and keepers can train them which flips the tile to the trained side. Both Friendly and Trained sides of a Dragon tile will have a number of Heart symbols in the upper left corner. The hearts represent the Life of the dragon and also the number of attacks the dragon can receive before they are defeated.


The world of Dragon Keepers is a mystical place. The keepers have harnessed magical powers by using special items and spells. Players will receive Magic cards as a reward for defending or healing the dragons. Magic cards allow a player to take a powerful independent second action during their turn.

A set of Player Mats are included with game for free!

Forged In Steel Board Game

Forged In Steel Board Game

Forged in Steel is a card-driven, city-building strategy game where players take on the role of a prominent family in a burgeoning Colorado county in 1900 as turbulent social and technological changes are about to reshape the way they live. Each family seeks to control one of four sectors (mining, industry, city, or commercial) while also striving to be Mayor to control the appointment of other players to offices.

The game takes place over three eras (turns/decades) in which players are dealt cards (all with historic black-and-white photos from Colorado) that they can use to either to build, buy, or seize structures, or used for the ?event? listed on every card. Cards can also be used to set yearly ?Headlines? or ?Themes? which evoke a movement in American society or technology and change VP awards or other variables in the game. Finally, players can build parks, civic buildings, hospitals, and police stations. These buildings in turn affect further play and cause neighborhoods to have more political votes at turn?s end, increase VPs for proximity, or protect against certain negative cards.

Forged in Steel is an organic building game in that all builds change the landscape and players may build only adjacent to where others have built ?the grid/network?. At turn?s end, the game decides how many immigrants come seeking jobs based on how many factories and commercial buildings were built that turn. Too many? Unrest grows and there could be a riot, undermining all of your recent city-building efforts. The National Guard will step in to help you, of course, but they are usually outnumbered, and there?s often fighting in the streets, so be wary of not contributing to the ?Unrest Track?.

Can your family negotiate the turbulent changes of the early 1900s and become the local political and economic powerhouse? From the New Deal, Women?s Suffrage, City Beautiful and Spanish Flu, to sidewalks and paved streets, all aspects of a 1900s western American city are incorporated, and players will learn about the rise of those developments that changed cities, labor, industry, and society forever.