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Glorantha: The Gods War Board Game: Empires Expansion

Glorantha: The Gods War Board Game: Empires Expansion

An expansion to Glorantha: The Gods' War containing 44 High Quality Figures, Empires gives you everything you need to increase the player count of your games, or new factions to swap out the core game factions with for more variety:

  • Earth: 4x Axe Maidens, 7x Earth Queens, The Behemoth and The Titans, Pamalt & Genert.
  • Invisible God: 4x Knights, 4x Wizards and 4x Specters.
  • Sea: 4x Mermaids, 3x Sea Serpents, The Kraken and The Churner, Magasta.
  • Moon: 4x Assassins, 3x Selenes, The Crimson Bat and The Red Goddess, Sedenya.

    Each faction comes with their Empire sheet, Ziggurat tile, Temples tile, 6 Shrine tile, 6 Gift tiles. The invisible God faction having different buildings and more gifts.

    This expansion also comes with an oversized 6-8 Players Map to host up to 8 players at once.

  • Price: 104.16 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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