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Galaxy Of Trian Deluxe Board Game

Galaxy Of Trian Deluxe Board Game

Galaxy of Trian is a tile-based sci-fi game, during which the players explore an expanding galaxy.

Players command opposing forces in a race to discover and control the powerful technology left behind by the unmatched race Trian. As the game proceeds players form a galaxy full of nebulas, gas clouds, planetary systems and outer space by placing triangular, two-sided tiles. Players take turns drawing a tile and placing it on the table, thus forming planetary systems, nebulas, and the area of outer space, in which spaceships move. Each turn players obtain minerals [crystals] from the nebulae they control.

The basic unit in the game is an emissary, which has the ability to fight over nebulas and planetary systems. When the player wins dominance in the system, the emissary is able to take control over the research stations left by the Trian race gaining you more resources and therefore victory points.

Once all the tiles have been placed the player with most victory points wins.

The deluxe version of the game includes the 'Beginning of Conquest' expansion that makes two type of ship tokens available to players. These ships allow players to confiscate resources and conquer territories from their opponents.