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Covil: The Dark Overlords Board Game And The Outposts Expansion

Covil: The Dark Overlords Board Game And The Outposts Expansion

You are The Dark Overlord, and the ritual is complete. At your command, the Covil rises. A living and breathing fortress now profaned by the greed crystals. Inside its dungeons lies the gate to the dark lands where countless hordes of chaotic beings were enslaved for so long. This time you will have your revenge.

In Covil: The Dark Overlords, you will struggle for the supremacy of the regions surrounding an isolated town. Each player controls a Dark Overlord with unique powers and countless troops of minions to ?defend the world from enemy hordes?, bring ?peace and security to the territories? ? at a cost, of course!

The game consist of 4 days, each of them is divided in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Morning (Summoning troops)
  • Phase 2: Afternoon (Performing Actions)
  • Phase 3: Night (Dominance and Clean-up)

    At the end of the fourth night phase, the game ends. The player with most victory points wins.

    The Outposts is adding 8 Outpost meeples to Covil. These add a new strategy, allowing you to deploy your troops directly either from your Castle or from any of your Outposts. To build an outpost you need to control a territory and pay the relevant cost in Gold Coins.

    Having an Outpost at the end of the game gives you extra Victory Points. Also during the "Night" phase, if there are no enemy forces in the territory of your Outpost, then that territory is considered to be controlled by you.

    Finally, a sticker sheet is also included to decorate the meeples in the game!

  • Price: 26.66 (Excluding VAT at 19.99%)


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