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Agents Of SMERSH Board Game: 2nd Edition

Agents Of SMERSH Board Game: 2nd Edition

Agents of SMERSH is a cooperative Storytelling game that pits players as UN Secret Service Spies set in an alternate 1970s timeline against a newly formed and independent SMERSH.

The game is able to accommodate play with either The Encounter Book that contains over 1500 written encounters, with a similar reaction matrix to Tales of the Arabian Nights, or played more simply with only encounter cards with shorter encounters and no matrix. Agents of SMERSH includes custom dice and strategic play not typically seen in a Storytelling board game. There are plenty of James Bond gadgets, guns, cars, pop references and detailed artwork - not to mention a touch of humor.

Coven Board Game

Coven Board Game

Solstice approaches. A swirling darkness coalesces in the night sky over a field as you, one of five Witches, perform incantations to vie for Earthly prominence, calling upon five Goddesses for protection and favor... But which of your fellow Witches serve the light, and which the dark? Gather information and form alliances, cast hexes, and use all your wit and connivance to ensure your dominance. Serve your Goddesses well, and they will reward you above their other followers, as they cast down those who dare to oppose them.

Coven is a game of secret alignments for 3-5 players in which each player represents a Witch serving either the darkness or the light. Not only is your starting alignment a secret, but each of the five non-player Goddesses has an unknown alignment as well. Deducing which Goddess(es) and which other player(s) share your alignment will make your strategy clear and victory easier to achieve, but not guaranteed by any means. Gameplay is deceptively simple, with five possible actions as players traverse a circular board with an inner pentagram rotating widdershins changing tactics with each rotation. Coven presents an interesting strategic challenge: the side (Light or Dark) that scores the most Balance defeats the opposing side ? but on the dominating side, only the Witch that scores the most Power can win, so players must be careful not to invest too much in one while neglecting the other.

Coven includes five playable characters (along with their miniatures) ? Witches of Earth, Water, Spirit, Air and Fire. The game also includes a Goddess Power/Balance board, Black and White magic crystals, hidden alignment tokens, "reversal" alignment crosses (for players who dare to change sides), Artifact Cards and Balance cards, a Goddess Board, and a two piece circular playing board with a rotating pentagram.

Coven Board Game: Village Expansion

Coven Board Game: Village Expansion

Coven: The Village adds more flavor and storytelling to your game of coven. The game is set in early 16th-Century Europe, where you are a practicing witch living in a small village not too far from Innsbruck, Austria. Martin Luther has recently posted his 95 theses, setting off the firestorm of religious wars known as the Reformation. Malleus Mallificarum has been published and, although condemned by the church, is widely used in the persecution of witches.

Cover: The Village includes a new rotating Inner Wheel to replace the one from the base game. It also adds 36 Village Cards the replace the original Balance Cards, and a Village card is read when the new Inner Wheel triggers the Full Moon. Suspicion Tokens track how suspicious the villagers are of each player, and are gained whenever you increase Balance. Suspicion may also gain Personal Edict Cards, which are penalties that last for the remainder of the game, and may even prevent you from winning unless certain conditions are met. Coven: The Village also includes 36 Village Cards, 15 Personal Edict Cards, 30 Suspicion Tokens, 5 new Reference Cards, Rules, a six sided die, and an additional spindle.

Run Fight or Die Board Game

Run Fight or Die Board Game

The undead hordes are back! But this time they're not miniatures shambling around a modular board - the zombies are coming straight for you! As in most zombie games, you represent a unique character with your own character traits, except in Run, Fight, or Die! you will also have your own individual board with zombies you alone will encounter. Zombies move closer to you every round. You run from location to location, searching for weapons and survivors in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Survivors may bring new skills to help you in your desperate fight for survival, or in some cases, new challenges to overcome. In either case, every survivor provides you victory points. The game ends either when one player finds five survivors and declares the last round, or when a player reaches the town line (and the total Followers in play meets a minimum), or if a player gets bitten and turns. Be careful, some followers may turn against you, while others can slow you down. When it comes right down to it, the choice is simple: Run, Fight, or Die!

Scoring is based on the total points of survivors and remaining health of the players? characters.

Run, Fight, or Die! is a frantic first person experience for 1 to 4 players (will play up to 6 with the 5/6 player expansion). The game is loaded with goodies, including 4 Action Boards, 5 Character Boards, a Loot Deck, a Location Deck, an Event Deck, a Follower Deck, Mutant Deck, 7 Custom Dice, tokens and beautifully crafted miniatures.

Run Fight or Die Board Game: 5-6 Player Expansion

Run Fight or Die Board Game: 5-6 Player Expansion

The undead hordes are back... to eat the brains of more players! Run, Fight, or Die! 5/6 Player Expansion adds two action boards, two character boards, and twenty walkers, allowing up to six players to join your game of Run Fight or Die! This expansion comes in an extra large box so that you can store all the goodies from other expansions in one place.

Run Fight or Die Board Game: Big Box Expansion

Run Fight or Die Board Game: Big Box Expansion

The Run, Fight or Die Big Box is a storage solution big enough to hold all Run, Fight or Die Expansions currently release (5/6 Player, Zombie Horde & Expansion Pack 3). Included with the Big Box are 2 Expansions: Running Late But We're Worth It and the Solo Campaign.

This expansion includes 4 new female characters, a new custom die, 4 new location cards, 12 new loot cards and rules.

The Solo Campaign consists of 4 mini games in which the player must find resources and Followers in order to defeat the Zombie Mutant in Phase 4. You start the campaign just as the apocalypse has begun, and you also start the game with limitations that could possibly remains in play the entire game.

The Solo Campaign includes the following components:

  • 15 Trait Cards used for variable player limitations
  • 15 action cards that replace the base game action cards
  • 3 upgrade cards
  • 1 courthouse player mat

  • Run Fight or Die Board Game: Expansion Pack 3

    Run Fight or Die Board Game: Expansion Pack 3

    "Now you can play Cooperatively! Expansion 3 adds two decks that allow players to play together against the hordes of the Undead. Each player has a unique goal. Action Cards are available to help the players achieve those goals. Also included are 4 New Locations and 2 New Character Boards.

    Included in the box:

  • 2 new character boards
  • 8 Personal Goal cards
  • 16 Action cards
  • 4 new location cards (the rules sheet mistakenly says 5)

  • Run Fight or Die Board Game: Jive Cat Boss Expansion

    Run Fight or Die Board Game: Jive Cat Boss Expansion

    This expansion adds components and rules players can use to replace the Base Game Mutant Boss.

    It includes the following components:

  • 1 Jive Cat Mutant Boss miniature
  • 1 Location Card (The Jive Cat Lounge)
  • 16 Jive Cat Mutant Boss Cards
  • 1 Rules Sheet

  • Run Fight or Die Board Game: Zombie Horde Expansion

    Run Fight or Die Board Game: Zombie Horde Expansion

    The undead hordes are back! And this time they come in all shapes and sizes. Crawlers will sneak up on you. Runners are first seen in the distance, but before you know it they are right in front of you. And Brutes aren't any faster than your standard Walker, but boy, are they hard to kill.

    Tired of just killing Walkers? Well, with Run, Fight, or Die! Zombie Horde Expansion now you have an assortment of zombies for Run, Fight, or Die! And to compensate for the game now being harder, each player can choose to have either a new skill or more Health Points.

    Good luck, and may the best to die another day.

    Till Dawn Card Game

    Till Dawn Card Game

    Don't get caught in the sun!

    Till Dawn, a 20?30-minute game for 4-8 vampires, takes place over the course of three nights during which time all self respecting vampires leave their coffins to hunt. A deck of hunt cards is passed from vampire to vampire, each taking one card, reading it aloud, then passing the rest on. If a feeding card is drawn, all vampires gain blood tokens ? but the deck is also loaded with events, vampire slayers, a vicious werewolf, invitations from the elders, and the creeping threat of sunrise. Feeling lucky? At any time during a hunt, a vampire may return to his coffin to protect his precious blood tokens. Return to your coffin too early, though, and you may miss all the fun. Then again, centuries of hunting should have taught you the folly of pushing your luck too far...

    Till Dawn comes in a coffin-shaped box with approximately 120 cards, more than one hundred tokens, eight character cards, and a "night advancement" track.

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