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The Flow Of History Card Game: Deluxified Edition

The Flow Of History Card Game: Deluxified Edition

History is a harsh river that flows steadily through the ages. Since the dawn of time, numerous civilizations have risen over the fallen ashes of others, and yet every one of them had once shone brightly in its own moment of glory!

The Flow of History is yet another innovative civilization game from Taiwanese designer Jesse Li. Players develop their nation using a unique bidding/price-setting mechanism to purchase new cards, but what is paid to the supply might also be harvested into the pockets of other players later, which puts a twist on your strategy of bidding cards, and also simulates economic inflation in the game. Don't forget to build a formidable military to clash with cultures led by your enemy, and create an unforgettable tale of your civilization in The Flow of History.

The Deluxified Edition contains:

  • Larger, gold foil-stamped box, with Spot UV coating
  • 72 Metal Resource Tokens
  • 5 custom oversized resin player markers
  • Custom vacuum formed plastic insert with lid
  • Folding Market board with spot UV coating
  • A drawstring bag to store the coins
  • A beautiful box sleeve fearuring alternate cover art.