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Say Whaat?! Card Game

Say Whaat?! Card Game

You might have heard that saying about people?s opinions. Well, it is true, at least partially. People hold all sorts of opinions about things they deem important. But they don?t necessarily agree on the importance of things.

Say Whaaat?!, then, can be said that is wholly dedicated to exploring our individual points of view on various subjects, while playing and having fun with friends and family.

In Say Whaaat?!, we are going to be asked about a number of various things, ideas and concepts and one of us each round is going to secretly rank these in order of importance. Then the rest of the players are going to try and guess our ranking.

We definitely recommend Say Whaaat?! not only as a fun party game, but a great conversation starter as well!

Price: 14.16 (Excluding VAT at 19.99%)

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