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Mythotopia Board Game: Limited Edition

Mythotopia Board Game: Limited Edition

Mythotopia is a deck-building game set in a medieval fantasy world. You customise your deck by drafting cards and expanding into provinces.

In theory no two games should ever be the same. The board is made up of forty provinces, each of which has its own card. You are randomly dealt a number of provinces at the beginning of the game, which determines your initial positions, which you mark with town pieces. There are twenty-seven Improvement cards in all, of which sixteen are drawn and placed on display. These are the only cards that can be drafted during the game. Each player also has a set of five Initial cards. You shuffle your Province cards in with your Initial cards to make your starting deck. You then draw a hand of five cards.

There are three fixed Victory Point cards and nine variable ones. Four variable cards are drawn randomly and placed on display with the three fixed ones. A number of Victory Point counters are then placed on each card. The fixed cards give points for building cities, roads and castles. The variable cards may change the board situation by adding in dragons, runestones and citadels. They also grant victory points for controlling a certain number of sea areas, for successfully attacking other players and bonus points for building cities/roads. As these vary from game to game they alter the balance between developmental and aggressive play.

Price: 16.66 (Excluding VAT at 19.99%)

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