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Sponsio Card Game

Sponsio Card Game

Time to take part in the greatest battles ever with your gladiator cards and try to win fights by taking tricks?or not because earlier you placed bets against them.

Sponsio is played over several rounds. At the beginning of a round, each player has four turns to set their own scoring and goals for the trick-taking that follows, and this is mostly done by betting. Players can bet on tricks taken, on the number of cards of a given color in your takes, on the last trick, on the highest card taking, or even on the failure of your opponent. Alternatively, players can choose one of a number os special actions to perform instead which also prevents any other player from performing the same action that round.

Players can have up to four bets, but only those that you've won will earn you coins. The odds of the bets differ (x2, x3, x4, x5) so players will need to decide if they want to bet or take other actions such as changing one of their cards, doubling an odd, becoming the starting player in the trick phase, etc. Finding the best combinations to maximise your bets is key to winning!

The game can be won in two ways: collecting 30 coins or winning 9 bets in a row.