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Long Live The Queen: Dieselpunk Edition Card Game

Long Live The Queen: Dieselpunk Edition Card Game

The Queen is dead! Long Live the Queen!

In the criminal underworld of Axia, a dystopian nation torn by economic Crisis, someone took out a hit on The Queen, who until now has ruled the crime syndicates with an iron fist. Now it's up to the upstart leaders of two rival gangs to fill the power vacuum, taking out any opposition. Will prestige be enough to rule the underworld, or will it take intrigue and violence? Each player must manipulate thier supporters and use their abilities effectively to gain enough prestige to dominate the proceedings or humiliate the opposing gang into relinquishing thier claim to leadership.

In Long Live the Queen, each gang leader is placed opposite the other, with five character tiles placed face down on either side. Beginning with the starting player, the game takes place in turns, during which a player rolls the dice to determine which position is activated, reveals or activates characters, then may reposition a tile. To win, a player must guide their leader to victory, either by accumulating enough of each type of prestige or by causing the opposing leader tile to be turned face down.

Price: 14.99 (Excluding VAT at 20.01%)


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