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Field Of Glory Card Game

Field Of Glory Card Game

Field of Glory: the Card Game, in co-operation with Slitherine. Field of Glory is the best selling ancient miniature rules set as designed by Richard Bodley Scott. The card game takes its inspiration from these rules to create a quick-playing ancients game for two players.

The game is split into two parts. You first decide which units you will fight with, constructing a deck of twenty-four unit cards. You then fight out a battle across a battlefield made up of five terrain cards. To win the game you must take control of three of these terrain cards. The army cards represent the main troop types of the period, such as heavy infantry, light cavalry and elephants., each having its own strengths and weaknesses. To be able to play units on to the battlefield you must discard other cards to pay the movement costs involved, giving you a number of difficult decisions to make.

Price: 6.66 (Excluding VAT at 19.97%)

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