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Falling Card Game: 2014 Edition

Falling Card Game: 2014 Edition

FALLING is James Ernest?s original real time card game, in which everyone is falling, and the object is to hit the ground last. One player deals while everyone else falls. There are no turns, so players can play cards at any time, without waiting for their turn. The dealer sets the pace of the game, which only lasts about a minute and a half.

This is the 2014 edition of FALLING, featuring a new deck recipe and all-new art by comic legend Val Mayerik (co-creator of Howard the Duck). For those familiar with the game, ?Push? and ?Grab? have been consolidated into ?Move,? and there are three new permanent riders: Anvil, Parachute, and Goggles. These new riders are optional, but add plenty of spice to the game.

Contains: 55 cards, rules.

Price: 8.32 (Excluding VAT at 20.07%)

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